Twitch and its Chinese disciples

Twitch and its Chinese disciples

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text / Zhang Jilong

have to say Chinese video website is really bitter, when Youku potatoes and Iqiyi, music and other video sites are still market share regardless of the cost of investment, as has been unable to get rid of vortex loss and distress, 9158 with lurking in the video show "the edge of the market to work as the annual income of over 1 billion of the dark horse. The rise of 9158 attracted 6 rooms, and other second tier video sites have to follow the line, let the video giants even more embarrassing losses.

yiboweiping another video show a new trend and just unfolding, will rise, this wave is a wave caused by Twitch and its Chinese disciples.

The rise of


for most people, Twitch may be a very strange site, but for some love sports game game player Twitch is a familiar term, in fact, the world’s hottest games such as League of, Legends Dota2, World of Warcraft every day attracted one hundred thousand meter and watch online game player.

Twitch was founded in 2011, its predecessor is, for some hardcore gaming game player may not unfamiliar, yes, mainly and when the live site is WAR3, the CS program of international competition, I believe we still remember the two in the live often let you miss frag Caton pit website.


in the global Internet community is not significant Mountain Dew, but Twitch seems to have become a video game industry and industry can not be overlooked star of tomorrow.

and Twitch are now many game giants such as Microsoft and Valve are good, and Twitch carried out in-depth cooperation, the future development of Twitch Special Edition Xbox One, thereby allowing the game player in the Twitch store and watch the video, and the Valve in July 2013 to allow Steam account and Twitch connection, this also means that close cooperation with the world’s largest the game platform and the largest Game TV website.


of the video industry practitioners Twitch also brought a lot of pressure, not long ago, "the Wall Street journal" reported that the popular website Twitch has more than Hulu, in the enterprise network Facebook, Tumblr peak flow chart familiar. At present, Twich monthly independent access to the amount of IP is about 57 million, the amount of PV per month more than 280 million, and there is an increase of about 15% per month.


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