Online music how to break the curse of profit and infringement

Online music how to break the curse of profit and infringement

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in China, online music business has been extremely difficult, and the YY music do. Just last year launched the YY music on profit about 50000000 yuan in the first half of this year, revenues of nearly billion yuan, the profit of YY music miracle, breaking the bottleneck of the Chinese Internet music for a long time but Ten thousand horses stand mute., when the bottleneck is broken when the infringement on the YY music also surfaced.

YY music online music can not escape the sin of


listed suffered infringement problem sniper

the evening of October 15th, YY’s parent company, Time Inc gathered speech to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted the prospectus, the listing on the NASDAQ [micro-blog] market, financing $100 million, the stock code is "YY".

YY voice as an important component, YY music accounted for 28.6% of the company’s overall profitability in the proportion of online games, only ranked second, can be regarded as the characteristic of Internet innovation project YY voice core profit point.

YY voice as a real-time online voice communication software, not only can be used in the game, can also watch movies, listen to music, do the distance education and training organization, live, can even host grassroots star concert, this is after many Internet users have not thought of things.

and this instant messaging software inevitably must be free to use and value-added projects as a key point to attract users and gain revenue. YY music has become an important fulcrum to allow YY voice to pick up funds snowball and listing opportunities.

in the face of music piracy attack repeatedly "defeat" background, YY music growth rate was "rocket", because of the use of VIP membership fees and other models, according to the YY prospectus published data, as of the end of 2011, more than 50 thousand organizations online performance at the YY music platform, more than 200 thousand performers online creation and share, attracted 30 million viewers. YY music revenues of $14 million 590 thousand, accounting for 28.5%. Advertising and other revenue of about 25%, membership services and education is YY will be realized by the user of the other two means.

and its profit model is quite new, YY voice VIP can get users to pay for the privilege, including the use of online video traffic with extra channels, priority access to some real-time live performances, VIP members of the exclusive picture, ringtones, fonts and expressions etc.. These services in the music, there is a different kind of advantage.

However all these achievements in the

and YY voice on the Internet users stickiness, but also for its buried worries.


YY opened IPO Road, the sniper has become the best choice to intellectual property issues, after all, the Internet innovative company a profit already rare to stop it, don’t let it get more funds to expand the results, as a competitor, in the knowledge.

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