CCTV 1 cents to buy you do not discuss the pit LETV qiyi PPS on the black list

CCTV 1 cents to buy you do not discuss the pit LETV qiyi PPS on the black list

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CCTV financial news to see the film does not buy tickets, just 1 cents, you can enjoy the video site in the senior members of the service for 7 days. Such propaganda is no stranger to you? But you may not know, 7 days later, the video site will automatically renew, even long time will not inform consumers. LETV, Iqiyi, PPS and other video sites are known as the "1 cents" trap…… Did you shoot? Look at what’s going on!

a penny to enjoy 7 days of membership? The truth is "fancy scam"…

December 2015, Guangzhou Kobayashi is online pursuit of hit series, she saw a video website launched "a penny to enjoy the 7 day senior member service experience. Just 1 cents, Kobayashi would like to pay a penny is not paid by WeChat, participated in the event.

Kobayashi thought, after 7 days of experience, he is no longer a member of this video site. Unexpectedly, after half a month, Kobayashi’s mobile phone received a SMS to inform her bank card deducted 18 yuan

consumers Kobayashi: message said buckle me 18 dollars, I do not know how to buckle, after all, the amount is not large, may I forget what to buy before the bank SMS, now make up a message, not too concerned about.

a few days later, Kobayashi accidentally click on the video site that a video, this time she finally found the reason for the bank chargeback.

consumers Kobayashi: found that 18 dollars, in fact, they automatically gave me a month of membership. On the seventh day, when the experience was over, I was immediately renewed.

the video site is not claiming a penny to enjoy 7 days of membership? How after 7 days, the website will automatically renew? Kobayashi feel strange, I had a penny in this enjoy 7 days membership experience, did not want to continue to use the membership, and she did not see the obvious remind automatically renew

ah!Kobayashi: at the time of the provisions

consumer is a penny for your seven day trial, but he did not say, will help you automatically renew, just say to you to try 7 days, if you feel good to use, but the beginning really didn’t tell me there is automatic what such a thing, no one will go to see will not automatically renew, because normally does not give you the automatic renewal.

not deducted money, Kobayashi noticed the original video website a penny to enjoy 7 days of membership activities page, also marked the opening to continuous monthly service to receive 7 days of free membership.

the bottom of the page there is a line of very shallow font tips, how to stop and cancel the continuous monthly renewal. Click into the page, there will be bound to Alipay account page, and the need to pay 1 cents order generation. In addition to the activities of the light color page is not obvious, the other pages are no tips how to cancel.


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