Daily topic P2P net loan winter has come Near the end of the platform foot constantly

Daily topic P2P net loan winter has come Near the end of the platform foot constantly

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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) December 11th news, wonderful P2P platform foot also issued a notice under the notice, the official website of the official announcement of the foot of the behavior, it can be said that the industry’s conscience platform ah!

at the end of each year is a high incidence of P2P foot, this year is even more so. According to the net loan home data show that in November the new platform 40, there are 29 other platforms to determine the display state to run away, cash difficulties, business or economic intervention. November foot platform number is also more than 12 in October. January 2015 to October, a total of 711 P2P platform. Is foot tide really coming?

The rapid development of

P2P network lending, investment and financing for the people and small and micro enterprises to open up new channels of financing, a useful complement to traditional finance. The Internet financial institutions’ net loan home data show that as of the end of October 2015, the national historical P2P platform cumulative turnover reached 1 trillion and 98 billion 349 million yuan, for the first time exceeded one trillion yuan mark.

experts said, because of the low industry threshold and various capital have finalists, the entire industry, dragons and fishes jumbled together in some institutions uneven in quality standards, professional, management ability, risk control ability is obviously insufficient, even some net loan platform itself is just for money and life.

is now the P2P industry is not the year of the P2P industry, this is now a hot industry, many people want to crush into the industry, competition and naturally follow up. Estimated the next two years, most platforms still have to invest, we are in the expansion, the cost of competition led to a relatively large cost.

The greater the

competition, which means that the platform in order to publicize all the money hit more, but because of industry competition, the need to continue to invest in intense follow-up, so it is difficult to truly profitable. Some companies in order to do scale, even to eat their own, their own standard, making the illusion of prosperity. This quick, made out of false prosperity, but also for the industry planted a lot of hidden trouble.

approaching the end of the year, the P2P platform to accept the pressure, operational risk increases, investors face the risk will also increase, does not rule out the phenomenon of running around the end of the surge occurred. Especially for private lending, the end of the year is a common phenomenon in the industry, which is also a reason for the risk of the outbreak at the end of the year." An industry source said, P2P industry has a certain periodicity, products are more concentrated expire at the end of the year, once the platform or pool of funds suspected of self financing, especially the end investors need cash, mention now runs, it is easy to cause the rupture of capital chain.

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