Alibaba hosted the 2009 storm local portal

Alibaba hosted the 2009 storm local portal

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"2009 Fengyun local portal contest has officially started, the event jointly organized by the Alibaba, Alipay and well-known community software vendor PHPWind, with dozens of well-known local community initiated, collected the national scale of 150 local community activities to participate in the selection, also received a number of media and institutional investors attention and participation.


and local portal online selection activities as of mid October, and will be held on-site at a conference on the Internet after the end of the selection, when the country’s local community will come together with industry leaders to discuss the development of the local community. This is the first time to the local community as the theme of the Internet industry conference, designed to strengthen the exchange of local communities, and promote the healthy development of local communities.

according to statistics, at present there are more than and 300 kinds of websites in the country, of which the form of community sites accounted for about 150. To convey through the most timely local news, reflecting the most vivid expression of emotional appeal, the people’s livelihood comprises the most direct, the local community has not only become an important birthplace of the network of public opinion, constantly carrying more social functions. In the coastal provinces and some populous province, online shopping, buy and so become a new way of life of Internet users. The local community has been in people’s life plays a more and more influence, is to satisfy people’s culture, life, entertainment, consumer demand online home, is also the most important part of the internet.

founder of the local community with government departments, local media, enterprises and even individuals, some good places in the community from all walks of life to promote local exchanges, and create business opportunities, promote local economic development has played an important role, has gradually become a new economic carrier. As a new segment of the industry, through the community entrepreneurship has become the choice of many small and medium enterprises and individuals, but also led to the attention of leading Internet companies and investment institutions.

affected by the global economic crisis, more companies to the network as a low-cost marketing channels. The world’s largest e-commerce platform group Alibaba, that local communities will be one of the important prospects of e-commerce in the future, the local community will become an important growth market for Taobao, Alipay, Ali group and future strategic areas.

this time to participate in the activities of the local community (in alphabetical order): Handan forum and Cangzhou forum and Tanggu forum, Luoyang port, Jiaozuo new goat forum, Xiaogan Huaiyin forum, Changde government forum and Zhanjiang forum and Guangzhou forum, Lufeng online, Huizhou Forum (West Lake), Beihai 365, Xincheng home Yingkou forum, Heilongjiang people’s broadcasting station, Harbin network, Yantai community, Zibo, Daocheng people forum, the charm of Lujiang, Anguang forum, Hefei hotline, Yuyao life network, Xinchang port, day forum and Cixi forum and Shaoxing E network, BBS network, Jiashan, the Dragon lane, Jiyang community, Thailand boring, Jiangyin forum, Yangzhou forum, xmfish, Chongqing zero distance, Sichuan online, Mianyang, Dujiangyan, Leshan new network forum.

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