30 seconds 1 billion 200 million 50% Alibaba and Hengda flash marriage marriage

30 seconds 1 billion 200 million 50% Alibaba and Hengda flash marriage marriage

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June 5th, Alibaba group announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Hengda football, Alibaba will invest 1 billion 200 million yuan Hengda football club to get a stake of 50%.

Chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

group Ma said, hoping to work together with Hengda equal to jointly promote the development of Chinese football.

Ma Yun football feelings?

there are rumors that the idea of Ma into the football for a long time, but because of the fear before the Chinese football environment and the surrounding people do not support, so has been very hesitant.

, however, in the past two years, with the success of Evergrande in Asia, the gradual rise of the football environment and the upcoming World Cup, Ma and football rumors this summer rapidly warming.

May 16th, Greentown Chinese due to mergers and acquisitions of the suspension, then the acquisition of Ma Greentown on schools, hospitals and football news in social media crazy pass, this is the first time Ma label affixed football.

Greentown boss Song Weiping subsequently said that Alibaba will acquire 49% stake in Greentown football, if the acquisition is successful, Ma will become the largest shareholder of Greentown football.

Ali acquired his hometown club Hangzhou Greentown, a good day looks, in fact is not so good.

May 17th, Ma via instant messaging tools from post, through the college football goal in the story of the response on the matter, said "do you really want me to put a Oolong


but only two days after all, like Ma to visit Greentown football base The path winds along mountain ridges.. Although Greentown stakeholders, Ma’s trip is entirely due to interest, but in the sensitive period of the visit or let everyone think, Ma Greentown football is not far away.

a few days later, Song Weiping and Ma were in front of the public voice, however, between Ma and Greentown football is still whirling. Until the day before yesterday, the media that Ma will fly to Guangzhou and Xu Jiayin Hengda football development cooperation. Maybe this time, he really made up his mind.

was like he said in a conversation.

"in fact things do not take up, get out of the place do not get in. So, go ahead and do it."

Greentown why green?

rumors from the stake in Greentown Greentown to finalize the cooperation with Hengda, just half a month time the story appeared such a divine turn.

, when we look at the matter, we may want to know one thing. Why is Hengda Greentown why green?

this may be related to Ma Yun Xu Xu character and investment logic.

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