Google AdSense 2007 summer national tour summary

Google AdSense 2007 summer national tour summary

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      if you are in June 2007 into the Beijing Google AdSense compound, will feel a be in full swing busy working atmosphere. All of this is for the upcoming 2007 National 5 city summer tour.

      the tour started in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Xi’an. Designed to promote the use of high-quality traffic advertising, and actively try to track the effectiveness of advertising and optimization. At the same time, we also hope to provide a direct communication platform between the publisher and the AdSense team.

      tour includes "master", "security accounts" keynote speech, publishers to share the successful experience, and introduced a free Google Analytics analysis tool, hoping to bring real benefits to our webmaster help. Finally, also did not join the AdSense webmaster introduced "AdSense special, comprehensive introduction of felicitous wish of making money" products to their AdSense.

      in July, the land of China is in the heat of summer, but the heat does not stop the enthusiasm of friends. Each tour is still far from a predetermined period of time, there has been a lot of people came from the surrounding area. After the meeting, a lot of people stayed with us. July 4th Shanghai under heavy rain, many publishers took attendance invitations have been soaked in the rain. As a member of the AdSense group, we are deeply moved. With the support of so many users, Google AdSense will become better and better!

Google North Asia sales and operations manager Mr. Zhou Wenbiao Google is playing on the big screen by


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