Funny is big business domestic market sell website

Funny is big business domestic market sell website

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can you imagine a website on Chrome is not actually friendly support? Do you know of a website, most of its contents are to rely on the machine from the Reddit and 4chan worms to grab it and also to add their own stately watermark


is a website that can pull into a $2 million 800 thousand investment in Alexa’s global ranking as high as 250, so 9GAG is wonderful, it experienced the success of their own that a profound truth, ranking really can explain everything.

it really is a 250, pure.

like this funny content to attract users of the site, I will call them to harbour evil designs a prostitute "website, similar products, domestic and foreign FML, there are many, then we selected four representative sites to show their" sell ".


Fried Eggs

on-line time: October 12, 2006

users: subscribers in more than 1 million 500 thousand

this is a wonderful site, the most amazing thing is that it is the first translation of Digg website content, and now Digg is $500 thousand discount sale, and the site is still in full swing to live, live well.

Digg dead, as well as Reddit, Reddit is not enough, as well as FML, FML flooding, as well as boring map top – on the line for a year and a half, its page views reached nearly 30 million of the level of

Fried Eggs has gradually becomes a unique style of reporting based on simple translation of foreign content, it also try to diversify the way — in words and pictures, it now also has its own video and music programs, in addition to the funny, it is more and more attention to science and technology, including every aspect of social life, to attract more users.



on-line time: unknown

users: micro-blog fans more than 60 thousand

and Fried Eggs similar, this is also a content based website to grab, and Fried Eggs translation spread in different ways, it includes capture, at the same time, there are also some user generated.

Fried Eggs content is generally relatively simple easy, short, and "interesting." there is no shortage of user generated more excellent content and related activities, it is because of the participation of users, compared with the general.

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