Month: February 2017

Month: February 2017

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rural electricity supplier this big market more and more lively, this time, Suning pull to the Ministry of agriculture joined Ali, Jingdong of the war.

yesterday, at a Su Ning sponsored "Internet plus modern agriculture" theme of the forum, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong said that the rural market has become a strategic development project of Suning Internet retailing. To this end, Suning has formed three goals, the "three cloud services" and "when the five mode" as one of the rural electricity supplier strategy. read more

Month: February 2017

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e-commerce development in China is the fastest period of 2008-2010 years, this is an undeniable fact. Whether it is C2C or B2C, to double the growth rate to calculate.

but in 2011 we found significant declines in e-commerce. What are the reasons? There are only two answers:

1, electricity supplier competition more intense, the original growth rate dispersion.

2, the electricity supplier website (group purchase website the demise of the collective defeat)

words back to the original title 2011 B2C list of the top three is still Tmall, Jingdong, and amazon. Annual turnover growth rate was 206%, 202%, 100%. But the fourth can be said to be read more

Month: February 2017

Category : sibpgppg more today to delete the CN domain name list…… Delete more international domain names today……

Month: February 2017

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July 1st, the "Interim Measures for the administration of online commodity trading and related services" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be formally implemented. This new e-commerce regulations for the first time clear, providing network commodity trading platform operators have assumed responsibility for maintaining the order of the network market, the first responsible person. Many companies and consumers believe that the "measures" introduced to network fake law, to curb the trend of the spread of fake network. However, the way to protect the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers in the actual, the industry still has a number of questions, the need for more relevant regulations issued by the management. read more

Month: February 2017

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[TechWeb] reported on June 4th news, Suning has just announced that, from June 8th onwards, all the goods all Suning stores, Tesco official store sales will be achieved with the price of the same product with

this means that Suning to break the development pattern of sales platform parallel two on the line, to achieve integration of online and offline, but also helps to eliminate the line of left and right hand Bo problem.

in fact, the move is also seen as an important strategic initiatives Suning accelerated 020 transformation, but at the same time Suning will also face the challenge of the three, whether they can meet these challenges, the key to this change. read more

Month: February 2017

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as early as a long time ago, our China team has been exploring a topic: the next ten years, the future of China’s Internet where we finally concluded that e-commerce. As the members of the team have at least five years of experience in e-commerce, coupled with the majority of the members are responsible for the operation of the B2C project in the enterprise, we summed up several core ideas. For example: where the Internet is electronic commerce; the core of electronic commerce website is located; e-commerce to end customers as the core of electronic commerce; do not superstitious SEO and so on, in front of my viewpoints in an interview with A5 iResearch have been detailed in this, I want to talk about why "do not superstitious e-commerce" read more

Month: February 2017

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Guangzhou daily news (reporter Du Meng) "double 11" business promotion approaches, the media on the "double 11" of Ali merchant made a questionnaire survey, data analysis shows that nearly 70% of the Tmall Taobao businesses will choose "split", the layout of Jingdong and other platforms, and the main reason to do so unexpectedly this is because Tmall is too "biased" consumers.

price: the United States questioned the lowest pre-sale price of Tmall

November 2nd, Gome announced the addition of the "double 11" price war "," double 11 "period will provide the lowest whole network products, the price directly on standard Tmall" double 11 "pre-sale price. Since November 6th, the country’s thousands of stores under the line will open direct purchase". "We observed that the pre-sale price of Tmall is not cheap, most of the price is the price of our Gome store sales in September. For example, Changhong 50 inch 4K TV, Tmall pre-sale price of $2899, while the United States in September 17th ‘friends and relatives’ day of the same TV sales price of $2299." Gome President Wang Junzhou said. At the same time, Wang Junzhou first proposed the "consumer counter wheel", he believes that as consumers gradually return to rational purchase, after the whole network parity, home appliances experience after orders will become the new trend, the United States believes that more consumers will return to the next line store counter. read more

Month: February 2017

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reporter Xiao Xia Shanghai reported

local large integrated pharmaceutical group Shanghai Pharmaceutical (601607.SH; 02607.HK) electricity supplier development is entering the fast lane.

on the evening of August 18th, has announced that its Shanghai medical health cloud Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: "cloud medicine health") completed from Shanghai pharmaceutical Jingdong Beijing Century Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Jingdong") and the Beijing harmonious growth investment center (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the "IDG capital") and other aspects of the A round of financing, financing amounted to 1 billion 112 million yuan. read more

Month: February 2017

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market for home massage O2O attitude polarization of this matter, who are highly sought after, look down on those who disdain. However, the market itself is not under the control of the public opinion, we have to look at the surface is not pure, but behind the potential of this industry, application of many surface inconspicuous, often in the market broke out late to let many people understand the doorway, and the differences in the capital, to obtain greater premium.

O2O now in the competition, we are competing for the actual "Scene", while the O2O consumer demand comes down to the "basic necessities of life", and similar to the fast taxi drops and other software, just seize the "one vertical segments", won more than ten billion dollars in valuation, capital market the surface is not a fancy O2O value pricing, and more imaginative derivative value. read more

Month: February 2017

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Google Adsense checks and website advertising profit analysis received a lot of messages, there are email, Google related advertising, so I would like to clarify the following points of view:

1 about the site oriented
About Google Adsense fraud click read more

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