Month: July 2017

Month: July 2017

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The two day

webmaster news is about a personal record of the Ministry of hair, here I have to say a few words, the Ministry to the very thoughtful, the idea is very good, but lost is far greater than the Ministry proposed can receive a great effect, but the effect with the owners compared to a greater loss of interests.


website for the problem is necessary, but not for the record can not establish website is not reasonable, if looking for a domain name for the record by the re establishment of pornographic websites, is it legal, whether the site is pornographic website depends on the content of the website, instead of a domain name, the Ministry website content as sample can be replaced with pornographic content, only the establishment of good website can know whether it is normal station or pornography station. read more

Month: July 2017

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[core tip] 10 impressive login and login page detail design

, Devils, in, the, details

" the devil exists in the details; " this proverb is even more so in design. I believe many people know that there is a website called Littlebigdetails in Tumblr that records some details of interface interaction that many people may not be aware of. Today we chose partial registration and login form example.

for a Web website or mobile application, registration and login user contact is the first step of the product, if this step of the interface and interaction design in some of the details of the new words, can let users feel themselves, can greatly improve the conversion rate of product users. read more

Month: July 2017

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every few years, enterprises have to redesign the website design. Sometimes, the company revised the website to take the new strategy or the new product as an opportunity. Sometimes, companies just don’t like the old website for revision. Perhaps the leaders of the enterprise tuned, received negative feedback about the site, or saw new ways of doing things. In many cases, there are always plenty of reasons for website revisions and upgrades.

of course, there are also some minor problems. We often say, "I know, half of our advertising is spent.". I don’t know what part of the spending." That is to say, some of our advertisements produce effects, while some advertisements do not produce results. We are often also looking for which ads work and which ads do not work. There will be fewer problems when tracking and evaluating your goals. But still one aspect will cause problems, and this is the website revision. read more

Month: July 2017

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four years ago, have heard of Xiaonei? I think it is not right, you know what is the most know some other dating sites, such as Facebook, some foreign well-known dating sites such as Twitter. When we are immersed in the campus network and convenient search function characters or heady game to steal food, you have to think, why the school network can in a short period of three or four years the rapid rise? I think the reasons are as follows: no more than

first of all, adequate market research and a keen grasp of the crowd. As you all know, the school network is a dating website created mainly for college students, and his grasp of the crowd is wonderful. Their keen observation, college students are not heavy schoolwork, usually no class, want to find something to do to pass the time, and the campus network such a dating site, no doubt gave them an empty heart, a sustenance. On this platform, he can find millions of boring people who have nothing to do but have common topics. Moreover, at that time in the country, there is hardly any special website for college students. After graduation, college students are basically white-collar workers. This has virtually expanded the ranks to white-collar workers. It’s a long shot. read more

Month: July 2017

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– new and old visitor segments

‘s segmentation of new and old visitors should be the most commonly used method of analysis in website analysis. New visitors and old visitors have different degrees of awareness and access to the web before they visit the site, so there is a big difference in the behavior and conversion between the two different visitor groups.

For example: a

e-commerce website, many new visitors may browse the "membership page" or "courier"; and the old visitors is not necessary to view this page, they may pay more attention to the "purchase records page" and "logistics information page". As you can see, new visitors mainly rely on exploratory demand for websites, while older visitors mostly know exactly what they want. read more

Month: July 2017

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Xie for 5 years and 4 years of webmaster, website promotion and soft service, for some large enterprises promotion, also saw a lot, a lot of experience, want to ADMIN5 this good platform to talk about why the profit will

innovation today!

China website 3 million, in which 3 million do good and fine little, many webmaster do dumpster, or anything, what are, what are not fine, earn a commission advertising alliance, Laoxie think should want to gain the necessary innovation


general webmaster I think you difficult to create a SINA, BAIDU, then we only from the aspect of innovation efforts, so that we can in the 3 million site and now the old Xie, a good friend of the site, its profit means is very good today, the old Xie and share with you, hope to have more the role of. read more

Month: July 2017

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1. I focus on traffic realization and conversion rate research, every 1~2 years to send an article about flow realization of actual combat articles.

2. two years ago, I wrote an article, introduced the decoration industry SEO flow realizable case, today and then write a lawyer industry SEO flow fast realizable method.


3. are traditional industries, are talking about flow realized, but the use of two cases of different methods, it should be said that today’s case is simpler and more efficient. read more

Month: July 2017

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network marketing has been overwhelming, but then these network marketing enterprises began to complain, is network marketing in China immature, network marketing in China is not feasible. Well, please look at some excellent cases and bring them great profits through Internet marketing. Can you say that Internet marketing is bad,

?The first step is to do

marketing positioning, if not a good location, you do not know your target customers there, do not understand what your target customer needs? In such fierce competition, part of the network marketing of your money will be daliaoshuipiao. read more

Month: July 2017

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China’s personal Adsense has exceeded 2 million. This data is purely personal data. Ha-ha。 But it’s still the size. On this basis, the cultural industry has not kept pace with it. When a collective reaches 1 million, the corresponding newspapers and magazines will come into being. Car magazines, for example. Fashion magazine. City magazine. Wait a minute, there are millions of them. And people who buy magazines may not get hundreds of thousands of them. Why didn’t the stationmaster appear a corresponding cultural journal at this time?. Let’s analyze it. read more

Month: July 2017

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is currently expanding the category has opened a specialty of Inner Mongolia, maternal and child categories of baby carriages, and hand on the beads category of several C shops, because operators are lacking, the new assistant, although the theory to understand a lot of practice, I put up a Its loopholes appeared one after another., compared with the set up shop to him, easy to leak filled, at the same time whether you share it, at what stage, the gaps of collections down is always good, the other 36 points for each expansion would be enough if you write an article for some point interested can say something, I have to share, to today’s topic: read more

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